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Correct Designs provides training and consulting services to semiconductor companies on advanced verification methodologies, RTL design and other semiconductor disiplines, enabling them to reduce time-to-market and assured product quality.


About Correct Designs

Through consulting, training, and contracting services, Correct Designs, Inc. integrates leading edge methodologies with EDA and client point tools to deliver overall solutions while increasing engineering productivity. To learn more about Correct Designs please contact us.

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Correct Designs delivers the best design and verification training in the industry, provides superior quality, and places high attention to the details.  Our material is developed and delivered by practicing expert engineers.

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Correct Designs has been providing consulting and contracting services since 2000 without a dissatisfied customer.

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Correct Designs attracts a talented staff by offering exciting work, the opportunity to work with the industry’s best engineers and great benefits.

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Working with Correct Designs is such a refreshing pleasure. They really understand our needs. Their competitors send us 50 resumes and we reject them all. Correct Designs sends us three resumes and we hire all three.

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