Check This Out Correct Designs delivers the best design and verification training in the industry, provides superior quality, and places high attention to the details.  Our material, developed and delivered by recognized industry experts, uses real world examples leaving the students with the ability to be immediately productive.

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Our courses provide practical knowledge that design engineers can immediately apply. We focus on application rather than theory, history, and academic nuances. Our content includes methodology topics that are required to leverage advanced languages & libraries and our instructors are uniquely-qualified to deliver this subject matter.   riotously Click here for course listings.


We use a rigorous internal development process with checklists to ensure quality. Code snippets used on our slides are tested, employing proprietary Visual Basic automation to ensure quality. Our labs are ensured for simulator portability and tool version compatibility.


Our instructors are senior engineers who worked on very large projects, for companies that are industry leaders in design and verification. All have over 20 years of industry experience, and continue to consult on leading edge products and methodologies. They all have prior training experience with superior class scores, having taught several hundreds of students.


We have a lean business model where much of our material was developed in partnership with large companies, and are unrestricted by a particular tool vendor implementation.  We maintain partnerships with the major EDA vendors, and our material is developed by practicing experts in the field of study, not academics, or merely full-time trainers.


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